To the coup for a Fashion Shoot.

Today the best ladies and I made a trek out to the chicken coup.  It was in the early evening, when the mosquitoes come out, little poking suckers full throttle.  We battled a bit of heat and a bit of bite on the beautiful land that my dear friend’s parents own.

And why?  For pictures to showcase the She Bear clothes.  Vintage and cut up and sewn back together finds that I’ve collected and held in my closet for oh so long.

Here are a couple of our catches.

Did a She Bear Snag your trousers, or are you just amazing?

The chickens thought we were fun.

Fashion is for all folks!

And the Country Squire was all up in our business.

Sweaters for Summer!

Our awesome style and friendship skills totally warded off both heat and mosquitoes.

It was fun, even if a bit uncomfortable, my friends toughed it out like true friends do and went above and beyond the call of friendship.  Baby of mine also came along and put up with us flouncing around for far longer than I expected.  He was impressed with the chickens and crowed alongside them.

Interested in buying these clothes, and others?  Check out my “About Section”, Labeled, “The Clothes” and you’ll see pictures, sizes, prices, and other handy information.