What She Bear is all about.

She Bear is about individuality.  It is punk rock, vintage, classic, conservation.  It is lace and denim and torn up with the hand sander out in my dad’s garage.  It is hand made, and it is me.

This is about me sharing what I think is fashion, with you.  It’s clothes that I find in thrift stores and in trash cans.  It is clothes that I tear apart and sew back together, shirts and shoes that maybe I wore, or maybe someone else wore or that no one ever wore and instead just threw away.  It’s about taking something broken and tossed out and making it something wonderful and beautiful and unique.

She Bear is your favorite shirt.  It’s your sisters shirt that you wear out on the weekends and try to get back without her noticing.  It’s the fashion you always wanted but were too afraid to try.

This is me.  And I hope you have as much fun with it as I do :).


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